11:15 PM | Author: Jon ong
Wow.... been a long time since i blogged.

BUTT reason for me blogging now iss... in bout a hour form now........ I GET TO DRINK ALL THE SOFT DRINK I WANT!

Why? cuz 40 days ago me, adam, Vee, and Emily made a pac. each diffrent BUTT hard.
AND NOW finally! after 40 bloody crazy days of gas drinks! I am a HOUR AWAY!
I even took the time today to buy LOTS! of bottles of coke,7up and others just for this!
CANT WAIT! its all chilled and just waiting for me there.

and all I can say for this is. WARNING if your a person that is active and likes to rehydrate on bottomless/topless drinks at a fastfood place....

THINK LONG AND HARD! till you get a boner. Before u make this pac.

JON OUT!.....
8:09 PM | Author: Jon ong
I've updated my music blog. with a cover of Musiq soulchild's just friends.
U guys can go check it out at
Chuck and Dexter Frenzy
12:16 AM | Author: Jon ong
Chuck and Dexter is SOOOO GOOOD.Im Hooked
and Yvonne Strahovski is da bombbbbbb =D

neway, Im Getting my new Phone 2moro! =D
Past month has been pretty busy, Performed in Youth o9 with a extremely shaky pole the vid is in Facebook And performed for Nokia with a shaky one too....Took some choreo vids of me and adam, will be posting that up in Facebook too.

Other then that Ive been trying to do covers of songs, like just friends(musiq soulchild) Which I practice the first part of beatboxing till my vocal chords got screwed so I had to finish it another day.And Let you go(colby Odonis) After its done I shall update my music Blog soon =D

CNY is NEAR!!! Its ang pow time! and lots of CC time I hope, so I will be in Ipoh as usaul, if anyones going there and wanna hang give me a ring, So U can hear my voice on my new phone =D mannn........ im soo excited for the phone..I Shall sleep early so that time will flyy.

My new Cam and Shirt.
Alrite, till the Next time
Cya! and HAPPY Chineseey New year! may u get the ang pow that was meant for other older people then you, therefor carrying more money or however it works.
2008 in technicolor
12:08 PM | Author: Jon ong
MY 2008! everything was unexpected.

I use to take pride that i never had a bone injury for 17 years, BUTT thats all changed...
I hairline fractured my finger,toe, and other toe...all in a year.
I never thought I would be into dancing at all, I never thought Nike would sponsor me a tight wear look tank top, and I sure as hell thought I would get a Dog.

After all those years of wishing. =D MISA CAME!

And my 12 song Goal for 2008.....dat didnt go at all...
But nevertheless no time like the present. And from now my music blog will be active again!
I shall note/record down all my ideas, and flow like that HUGE ass Long-Kang outside my apartment. btw it has turtles in it every once in awhile.
I was so excited bout driving this year, but that didnt happen at all. will learn soon =D
YESSS! and soon I shall be on the roads paying tolls in one cents.

Will be spending my new years at Raw 2nite.

Im Thankful for my Friends, this year and the pass years.
And ofcuz Family and Pets.


all that said, its time to end it.
GOODBYE 2008,Fido, my Spider and my old phone.
Im bad updating my blog
1:30 AM | Author: Jon ong
so here Im blogging at 1:40am....
reason is that ill be on my way to SG tomorrow for another Super last minute Choreo performance, and I wanna sleep the WHOLE WAY THERE~...... so I shall sleep less now. And After coming back from SG theres a small performance in penang. So yeaaa.. LOTS of sitting my bored ass in a car.

OH and I injurt my lil toe...... this is Bad Krama, 2 times i've been to sg with a Bad toe and performing....bad bad krama..

neway heres some FUNNY shit from retro nite.

Helium Rap

Neway Imma hit the sack now, will be back on Sat.

10:39 PM | Author: Jon ong
I know this Post was suppose to be LONG before this.
I finally got to visit Singapore and this time it was more then 30mins.
The last time i went there was to get on a cruise so yea.... didnt really get to see much.
But DAM.... I was in culture shock when i was there.....

I'll try to remember all the reasons.

Zebra crossings,
zebra crossings there ppl actually STOP for u..... AMAZING!....
The first few days I was there i was actually running across the zebra crossings, looking like a weird Child....well ppl there would understand if they came to msia....ppl here they see u, wait scratch that they DUN see u.... they wont stop for NUTS... well unless theres a really Zebra crossing then they be like WTF.......

Limping dude,
people there, they too "tall" to see u.... I WAS LIMPING!.. my toe was fracture, and as funny as I look limping around people still wont make way for you... to make things better I fractured it a day before a prom dance performance.[so yea....screwed up bad..]

Me,Kathy,Adam and Joy was taking a taxi back on the last night.
This Indian dude picked us up, and then as soon as the car started Kathy realized there was a empty beer can at the back of the sit. Joy being as social as she is, started talking to the dude.
Next thing u know theres Loud Indian music, and Joy trying to sing along.
minutes after that.. we were talking about drinking and him working late and stuff, so then a Rap song was playing and then he starts bobbing his head saying"oooooo These Nigga songs VERY funky" continues Bobbing his head.
So then we asked him did u drink tonight, and he said "no no I dont drink and drive, I steady drive" and proving that he was not drunk, he lets go of the wheel.

Lastly the BEST thang bout SG


anyway here are some Random Pointless vids check them out.

video video video video

And here are some pics.

The long trip there...

The cool menus at new york,new york
Prom nite.

Someone got creative..
B4:No overnight camping,No Fishing and No naked fire.
AFTER: No "kinky" camping,No "hooking" and No naked "girls"

Priority Seat for... Old poeple, Baby mamas And poeple that Rears their Child..
well thats all for now..overall SG was unforgettable.

12:06 AM | Author: Jon ong
Past month has Been SOO packed..

Aight 1st things 1st

THANKS the church Gang for my B'day Cake(yea I know really late thanks)
and thanks to Emily,Vee and Adam for treating me at Jogoya, and giving me a NEW jumper =P!!!


Ok so after my B'day, Next big event IS...

they had a Media Workshop last thursday.

Congrats! to the 15 finalist
You'll be seeing more of this on that day.

And yeah some of your local celebs will be performing that very night.


Clorets Dark Secret Amateur Pole Dance Grand Finals on Sept 5 at Zouk Club KL.
The finale starts at 6.30pm and is open to to anyone above 18 years old with the purchase of one pack of Clorets Mini Mints shown at the entrance.

Alright imma head to bed, NITES